What is D-Star ?

D-Star (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) is the digital side of amateur radio (ham Radio). Transmitted digital radio signals are picked up by hilltop repeaters or nodes around the world. Hilltop repeaters rebroadcast the signal just like an analogue repeater but they also gate the signal to a server via the internet. Nodes also gate the signal via the internet. A D-Star operator has the option of linking these nodes or repeaters so for instance someone standing in Belfast, N.Ireland with a handheld radio could be talking to someone in Sidney, Australia. D-Star radios also have a GPS facility which can send the operators current location, this is then shown on a map.

At present there is one VHF repeater and one UHF repeater in Northern Ireland. There are also five nodes. There are no D-Star repeaters or nodes in Southern Ireland as yet.

You must be the holder of a valid amateur radio license to operate this equipment and your callsign must be registered to gain full use of the linking facility.


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